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Welcome to our residential pest services. It is being inferred that since you are on our website we expect that you and your family need pest elimination services in West Palm Beach. Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place! Price Termite & Pest provides the most professional pest elimination services to West Palm Beach. We aren’t one of those companies that try to force you into an obligatory contract. We can provide one-time service treatments too. We customize our services to your problem. But if you require a quarterly pest plan to to keep your family safe all year, we can also do that! As we said, we can perform any services you want. Call us at 561-249-4574 to learn more about the different service options we have.

Whether you’re having issues with spiders, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, or just about any other bug, pest or insect, our pest control specialists are eager to keep your family safe. Typically, pests hibernate during winter. In many cases, they will find shelter inside of your home. For this reason warmer seasons, such as spring and summer, are known for being pest-heavy months. Pests typically come out of hiding and interfere with your life when it gets warmer.

In recent months our company has been receiving tons of phone calls from residents in West Palm Beach about spiders, bees, cockroaches, fleas, and even bed bugs. Bed bugs can be very complicated to eliminate; which is a negative thought due to the fact that issues with bed bugs appear to be on the rise. We have also gotten quite a few requests for termites in recent months. Many people don’t realize that termites are smart and can stealthily invade your home without being noticed and often remain unnoticed as they eat your home.

We feel that protecting your home is the biggest part of our mission. Also, we take your family’s safety very seriously. When we are performing our extermination services our technicians will ensure that safety is a top priority. If your family includes kids and/or pets, our pest technicians will use child/pet-safe treatments so that you can rest easy knowing they won’t be harmed.

If you’re someone that can’t stand bugs, we strongly suggest a pest control maintenance plan. With one of our service plans, a pest control technician will visit your house periodically to implement preventative services. We will make sure to use a barrier to keep pests away before they ever become a problem. If you have a pest problem arise between these scheduled visits, simply give us a call and we’ll come right over! This is part of your plan. If you’re someone who hates pests, this can be going to be the best and affordable plan. Just pick up the phone and give our West Palm Beach pest control technicians a call today at 561-249-4574 and we will be glad to go over your options and help any way we can!

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