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At Price Termite & Pest, we are proud of protecting the citizens of West Palm Beach from bed bugs along with other pests as well. We have recently recognized a substantial boost in the quantity of bed bug problems in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. We aren’t certain as to why the number of bed bugs in West Palm Beach is increasing, but it seems the most common explanations for this include increased international traveling, the swapping of pre-owned belongings, in addition to the closeness of living quarters.

Do Not Dismiss

It’s probably safe to say that bed bugs are completely unwanted and no one likes them. Unlike harmless insects, bed bugs are not something you should just overlook. While you’re asleep, bed bugs will feed on you. Bed bugs use a stylet, which is a piece of their mouth, to prick the skin of humans. It’s stylet has tiny teeth used to penetrate through skin to find blood vessels. It will then feed up to several minutes before returning to its hiding place. While eating the bed bug will inject its saliva into the human, which then causes puffiness and itchiness.

Determine Bed Bugs by Appearance/Instances

It’s often challenging to identify West Palm Beach bed bugs. Bed bugs will hide in small cracks, like the seams of your bed, and only emerge during the night. In most cases we’ve dealt with in West Palm Beach, people don’t realize they have bed bugs until they get attacked in their sleep. Another way to discover bed bugs, aside from having a lot of bites, is by noticing blood and/or fecal spots on your bedding or linens. Once you are certain that it is feasible you just might actually have bed bugs you should not sleep in your home until it’s been treated.

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